Words & Articles

The Pandemic Plays (Sketches and Plays Written During the COVID19 Pandemic)

Genetically Modified Foods Debuting in 2017 (Thorpedo Productions)

7 Healthcare Plans That Aren’t Insanely Expensive (The Second City Network)

Drunken Karaoke Songs For Every Occasion (Bye Bye Liver)

A Thank You Note From Your Final friend, Death. (The Second City Network)

Quick Tips On How To Enjoy The World As It Melts Around Us (Thorpedo Productions)

I Don’t And You Should Too! (6 Reasons Not To Get Married) (Thorpedo Productions)

Apartment Hunting Does and Donts (The Second City Network)

5 Tips to Stop Pissing Off Your Server (Funny Or Die)

Happy Employee Appreciation Day – We Quit! (Thorpedo Productions)

7 Iffy Ideas for Indoor Winter Fun (The Second City Network)

Stand-up Skills That Can Help You Land a 9 to 5 (The Second City Network)

8 Ways to Land Better Stand-up Gigs (The Second City Network)

Longer Is Better: The Benefits of Long Form Improv (The Second City Network)

Clairvoyant Trump Predictions (The Second City Network)

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